Oregon, US of A
Monday, October 29, 2018

Jesus/Christ Michael: “You are asking how to connect with Me authentically. How do you engage with others in friendship? What makes such connections sustainable and enjoyable? They are a baring of minds, hearts, and souls.

“What makes a friend a friend? Take a moment to ponder the various facets of your authentic friendships. What acts as a bonding agent? It is a shared passion—not a vice. A ‘drinking body’ is not a real friend, as such a shallow association revolves around a common weakness, devoid of survival value. However, it can benefit from upgrades.

“The most rewarding friendships result from the pooling together of your strengths, thus helping you to cope with your weaknesses. A friend does not judge you harshly but has your highest good at heart—which, at times, may require a diplomatic intervention on his or her part.

“A friendship generates happy and memorable moments by giving you the green light to be yourself. It is what so many of you are craving—the liberty to express the repressed shiny aspects of your personality.

“This is how I wish My children behave with Me—not as a dull herd of sheep, but as confident, unique personas that spice up everyone’s world—including Mine. Each one of you has a rich multi-faceted personality begging for its full expression. Come to Me to share of yourself, and I will share of Myself with you. It is what friends do.”