Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Christ Michael/Jesus: “My earthly life was all about YOU, My beloved children of time and space.  Sadly, its underlying intentions became distorted, as many of My trusted messengers made it all about Me.  So much got lost through misinterpretation!

“Why was My life all about you?  By the very nature of the task, a Savior intervenes for the sake of others.  He brings salvation by role modeling the crucial elements of survival.  I came to share with you such liberating and practical universal truth.

“I was a Son of Man—just as you are.  What I came to teach you is how to navigate life’s many ups and downs while maintaining the right attitude—or ‘heart-titude.’  From what is known of My biography, you can gather that earthly life did not handle Me with kid gloves.  Yet, what a great teacher it turned out to be—for all of us!  

“I was not bestowed an Honorary Degree in Self-Mastery.  It would be an oxymoron, as Self-Mastery can only be achieved hands-on.  A tennis pro hones his skills by remaining on high alert, ready to hit the ball from whatever angle it pops in his field of vision.  The same goes for acquiring proficiency in the Art of Living. 

“I taught by example, never making it about Me.  I intended to show YOU how to hone your spiritual skills.  How else could I help you ascend to higher levels of spiritual evolution?  Indeed, each one of you has to EVOLVE.  Your Eternal Survival Kit does not come with a magic wand but gives you access to many hotlines that connect you to My Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, and your Indwelling Divine Fragment—the Faculty of your Enlightened and Dotting Mentors.

“Make Me proud! Rather than creating an artificial and unwelcome distance between us by turning the wooden cross of my humble carnal demise into a post mortem pedestal, take My teachings to heart and keep them alive by applying them to your daily life.  It is what activates their magic, as it acts as a catalyst for your spiritual progression—just as it did for Mine.”