Oregon, US of A
Monday, August 27, 2018
Thought Adjuster: “You were pondering the commonly heard expression “It sounds too good to be true.” Isn’t it sad that, due to the proliferation of iniquitous agendas on your world, going back all the way to the brazen Luciferian campaigning urging gullible souls to defect from their divine family of origin, it has become increasingly difficult to discern between unadulterated truth and its shameless misrepresentations?
“Indeed, in its pristine form, Truth is both good and beautiful. Those are its unalienable attributes—the criteria by which you can assess it. For sure, human interpretations of the truth are very fallible. They are often based on immature wishful thinking or—even worse—tricked by deceitful gold-plated agendas that, in spite of their shiny exterior, are far from being the gifts to mankind that they pretend to be.
“Any solid truth can stand scrutiny as ‘it has nothing to hide.’ Yet, you frequently witness angry outburst on the part of those who misrepresent the truth and whose bluff is called by judicious minds. Anger is NOT a fruit of Spirit and, therefore, the lies it attempts to hide from scrutiny are far from being good and beautiful. This is why it acts as an intimidating ‘bouncer’ intent on keeping unwelcome inquiries at bay.
“Divine Truth is a far cry from such pitiful misrepresentations. The Words that pass the Divine Lips are a package deal of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Yet, being at the prologue of your eternal life, you can only perceive a faint echo of the mighty potentials of manifestation encoded in such powerful creative words.
“Be ensured that the Father never utters empty promises; nor does He promise lightly. In your moments of doubt, recall these most reliable facts, as the Divine Truth will surely come to pass—unlike the hollow promises of those who are intent on increasing their power base by enslaving the minds of their gullible audience.
Dear ones, Truth is never too good or too beautiful. Rather, it is validated by its absolute goodness, coupled with its mesmerizing beauty.”