Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Thought Adjuster:   You live in very hectic times where many lives are impacted by the ‘out-of-their-control’ forces of various types of calamities—natural disasters, social and economic cataclysms, as well as emotional, relational, and health-related crises…  Such occurrences are mighty game changers, as they thoroughly reshuffle many individual and societal decks of cards, thus taking the game of life to a brand-new level.

“However, something even more impactful occurs, as such times invite everyone to reexamine their lives.  They fall into two categories:  those who are directly impacted by these traumatic events, being deprived of material possessions or torn apart by the loss of loved ones; and those who witness the suffering and losses of their siblings, which triggers feelings of gratitude for having been ‘spared’, as well as deep compassion toward those less ‘fortunate’ than them—the ‘It-Could-Be-Me' syndrome..

“Out of the ashes of such events, emerges a previously undetected sense of oneness, as genuine communities are formed.  People pool their resources and jump into loving action.  Many spontaneous heroic acts are performed by those who follow the prompting of their now wide-opened hearts. 

“In those moments, deep emotional connections are activated, as individuals are stripped of their emotional ‘concealers’.  Tears are shed; hugs are given; comforting words are spoken amidst many brave and selfless actions that speak louder than them.  You are indeed witnessing a deep ‘birthing’ process—the coming about of a true community, the brotherhood of man.

“Those are some of the blessings contained in the Correcting Time your planet is undergoing.  Such occurrences act as powerful reset buttons—internally and externally.  Eventually, they give rise to much gratitude, as they reveal the many blessings they contained.”