Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Thought Adjuster: “The Father reveals Himself to those with a pure heart who turn to Him in humility and sincerity. How else could He communicate with His human offspring? 

“A spiritual ‘outlaw’ brazenly disregards the Golden Rule, which results in severe inner conflict.  Self-love and self-adulation are a far cry from the self-appreciation and self-respect one comes to acquire when willingly abiding by the organic Divine Laws.  The first behavior is a display of narcissism, while the second attitude is a natural outworking of altruism and selflessness.

“Isn’t it ironic that you get in touch with your authentic self when you forget about your limited selfhood?  It is the way of the Father—the One who Gives it All to engineer worlds of glory for all to enjoy.  Indeed, wherever there is beauty, there is joy.

“By cultivating your appreciation of beauty, you automatically raise your vibrations and get to harbor positive and pleasant emotions.  It is something you should consciously practice, as you live in a world where your attention is prone to be drawn to what is faulty, ugly, and unjust.

“It is time that the many ‘good news’ overlooked by your biased media get broadcasted by those who have eyes to see the beauty vested in the creation and ears to listen to the leadings of Spirit—Its ever-flowing messages of undying love and steadfast encouragement.

“By changing your perspective about life’s happenstances, you will also change the way you feel about life.  Apply yourself to unearth the many shining gems buried within challenging circumstances. What are they teaching you?  How are they shaping your character?  Which type of power do you give them over you?

“It all boils down to your attitude.  If you are a pessimist, you will find more grounds for concern.  If you are an optimist, you will develop a cheerful and upbeat demeanor—like the one exhibited by Jesus, whose undying faith kept Him connected to the Goodness of the universe.”