Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Any process of effective communication requires the basic requirements of (1) a transmitter; (2) a receiver; (3) an adequate circuit of conductibility. As well, the programming of the transmitter and the receiver have to be compatible, sharing a common language.  A German interpreter would be totally unfit to translate into Romanian the messages forthcoming from a Chinese individual.

“Regarding the reception of transmissions originating in spiritual realms, it is crucial that you be keenly discerning as to the source of the messages.  The spiritual realities are vast and diverse in their ambient ‘climates.’ You are to screen which influence you invite in your inner world. It is, therefore, imperative that before emptying your mind, you express your heartfelt desire to communicate with the highest spiritual influences available to you. 

“By setting high-quality standards, your transmissions will be relevant and enlightening to others.  There is an act of faith involved each time you set out to receive.  One of the telltale signs of a benevolent transmission is that it makes you feel at peace.  If it were otherwise, terminate if on the spot.

“Once the flow of dictation starts occurring, record it as it comes through.  Let it sit for a while before revisiting it.  You will then look at it with brand-new eyes while, when you were in the receiving mode, it seemed that it was generated by your mind, as truth feels familiar. 

“Transmitting/Receiving is indeed a process of close inter-realm collaboration. What a blessing it is that there are now many open channels of communications between the Earth plane and other advanced spiritual civilizations!”