Saturday, August 11, 2018

“Every time man yields to anxiety, he takes one step away from the leading of the spirit of his heart.’  Pride obscures God… If you are not right on the inside, it is useless to pray for that which is on the outside.  If I hear your prayers, it is because you come before me with a clean heart, free from falsehood and hypocrisy, with a soul which reflects truth like a mirror.”  [UB 1451:03]

Thought Adjuster:   In the course of its eventful evolutionary spiritual journey, mankind greatly benefited from the truth content held in many of the world religions.  The above wisdom was expressed in Shintoism and deserved to be mentioned in the compilation of the greater Book of Truth—a masterwork forever in writing. 

“Indeed, the misguided human self is his worst enemy and is manifested in man’s four greatest downfalls:  anger, pride, deceit, and greed.  Add anxiety to the mix and you surround yourself with a dense smokescreen that prevents you, not only to detect the light within your own being but also to contemplate the magnificent Divine Light. 

“The smoldering ashes that generate the smoke have to be put out entirely in order to clear your inner atmosphere from its toxicity—a toxicity that poisons your relationship with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  Spirit provides you with Its living waters to quench your spiritual thirst and lovingly nurse you back to health.

“The prayers of the Pharisees fell on deaf Divine Ears, as they did not rose from their hearts.  As well, misguided petitions asking for misfortune to befall others, are fully devoid of spiritual fragrance and will exert a harmful boomerang effect upon yourself.

“This is the reason why Jesus only operated out of Love.  He lovingly interceded for all, including His tormentors.  He was always right on the inner and His selfless prayers, whispered in the privacy of His heart, resonated full strength in the Divine Heart—contrary to any theatrically broadcasted lip service.

“Dear ones, take time to objectively search within for any spiritual roadblocks.  Move them out of way and this will be a giant leap toward the full blooming of your beautiful soul.”