Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “You were just reading about the many spontaneous and unconscious healings that occurred in the presence of Jesus.  The expressed opinion about them was that they “were the result of the coexistence of the following three powerful, potent, and associated influences: (1) the presence of strong, dominant, and living faith in the heart of the human beings who persistently sought healing, together with the fact that such healing was desired for its spiritual benefits rather than for purely physical restoration. (2) The existence… of the great sympathy and compassion of the incarnated and mercy-dominated Creator Son of God… (3) If, in the contact of the human need and the divine power to meet it, the Father did not will otherwise, the two became one, and the healing occurred unconsciously to the human Jesus but was immediately recognized by his divine nature.  [UB Paper 149, Section 1]

“Those suffering from major ailments are also somewhat seemingly prejudiced in their spiritual life.  How so?  Intense suffering—be it physical, emotional or mental—draws attention to itself by triggering an emergency situation.  Excruciating pain drains the sufferer from much of his allotted energetic quota, some of which could have otherwise been dedicated as a spiritual booster.  By being forced to lay flat on his back, he is temporarily robbed of opportunities to live a more ‘active life’, more conducive to spiritual growth through higher service.

“This is the reason why the spiritual benefits of a physical healing are to be taken into account.  Jesus always exhorted those He healed to put such healings to unselfish use, thus benefiting the spiritual layer of their being—colorfully put, ‘killing two birds with one stone’ or rather ‘reviving two birds with one stone’.

“What the Creator Son desires and the eternal Father wills IS. This is the key to the fulfillment of righteous wishes.  This also applies to your own human desires.  Are they self-serving or altruistic?  The Father’s Will is ALWAYS altruistic and the odds will ALWAYS be in your favor when you submit altruistic petitions.  You are apprentice co-creators.  Learn to elevate your thinking and feeling so that your wishful thinking is aligned with the Father’s Wishful Thinking.  What then could stop you?  All beginnings start small.  Do not let that deter you from the magnitude of your destiny!”