Oregon, US of A
Thursday, February 14, 2019

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb.” Psalm 139 :13

Thought Adjuster: “Right now, abortion is a hot topic in this country. Some states are pushing to legalize late-term abortions, which could lead to issuing death sentences to viable infants up to the time of their due date and even post-partum.  ‘Abortion on demand’ jeopardizes the sanctity of the womb, turning it into a potential death chamber.   

“Each unborn child is a child of the promise—a miracle in the making.  The Father in Heaven has a glorious plan for each one of His creatures, including the lowly creatures of time and space.  Why deprive innocence of its bright future? 

“One needs to look at things from a higher perspective.  Surely a woman has a say in how she uses her body, which should be with self-respect and dignity. Her sacred freedom of choice is to be exercised wisely—not impulsively and randomly.  ‘Planned motherhood’ needs to precede the act of conception.

“Once a child has been conceived, another body is at stake.   Who will speak on its behalf when the one naturally appointed as its protector fails to act as its pro-bono spokesperson?

“The Father is an Idealist who conceives beings of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  His loving Vision can only come manifest with the heartfelt collaboration of His co-creators.  

“How do you co-create?  Conception needs to be ‘pre-conceived’—i.e., ‘pre-meditated.  It is not an afterthought that generates a crisis situation because the elements of preparedness are lacking.  The womb is a holy temple where the gift of the spark of life is a non-replicable Act of God.  

Because of His Eternal Nature, your Progenitor cannot but entertain ‘undying’ love toward His creatures, offering them an eternal and bright future—if they ‘personally’ accept His proffered gift.

“Shouldn’t the child be given the opportunity to have a say in this vital decision?  How many innocent lives have been cut short, depriving the entire universe of their unique contribution toward more truth, more beauty, and more goodness?  Surely, the Father does not stand for random infanticide.  He CHOSE to BE a FATHER.”