Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “If life was a sightseeing tour, which type of globetrotter would you be?  The ‘intentional’ excursionists conduct thorough research to pinpoint an attractive travel destination.  The ‘accidental’ tourists wander through life’s twists and turns, making spur-of-the-moment and often ill-advised decisions at each puzzling fork of the road—many of them on an emergency basis.  Because of their unpreparedness and foolishness, they are accident-prone, lacking a good sense of orientation, which often results in getting stuck in an anxiety-inducing labyrinth that prevents them from experiencing the thrill of exploring new virgin and open territories.

Do not view your life as the casualty from a regrettable ‘accident,’ thus disparaging life's precious gift.  God IS life itself, and His Imaginative Master Mind conceives in minute details—leaving nothing to sheer luck.  With both foresight and forethought, He sets myriads of safety parameters before ‘animating’ His creative endeavors with the breath of His Boundless Life Force.

To every ‘why,’ there is a ‘because.’ Therefore, ask, ask, and ask some more!  Not only is the Father very clear about YOUR calling in life, but He is also intimately involved in the evolutionary process of its manifestation.  He dwells right within you to provide you with expert travel tips. 

Until you get a precise sense of your calling in life, make it your temporary assignment to find it out.  It will unequivocally place you at the starting gate of a meaningful life voyage that is taking you somewhere—no longer just anywhere.”