Oregon, US of A
Saturday, April 18, 2020

“Spiritual idealism is the energy which really uplifts and advances human culture from one level of attainment to another.”  [UB 81:6:27]

Thought Adjuster: “Upon reading the above statement, the thought entered your mind that the same idealistic energy motivates each of you to advance through the seven psychic Circles of Attainment, starting from the highest purely animal level.   Once you reach the first psychic circle, you can intercommunicate, at least to some degree, with your Divine Indweller.

Idealism is a somewhat surreal driving ‘force.’ Yes, I emphasize the word ‘force.’ Its opposite, cynically mislabeled by some as realism, is pure defeatism—a lame pretext for inaction due to one's inability to come up with an attractive vision for the future.  

It would be very instructive to scrutinize your life in search of the triggers that propelled you from one psychic circle to the next. Self-realization frequently ensues painful ‘reality checks’—events that make you question the direction in which you steer your life.

Once you acknowledge that you are foremost a spirit temporarily sojourning on this planet in a gravity body of blood and flesh, you will regain your spiritual optimism. It springs from your very core, as it is also a fundamental attribute of your Maker. Why would He bother to go through so much trouble if His Vision sucked?  

The sustaining pillars of idealism are great ideas—not mediocre ones. As you connect daily with the Idealist in you, your Indwelling Divine Fragment, be assured that, upon your asking, He will divulge to you the rewarding ways of living—thinking, feeling, and doing—of a true spiritual idealist. Another thing that you will notice is that your idealism knows no ceiling. It keeps expanding as you grow in spirit. Aren’t you curious to discover to which heights of self-realization it will take you?”