Oregon, US of A
Thursday, May 5, 2016

Divine Mother:  “Dear child, I hear my daughters ‘calling.  I hear the longing of their hearts and I am deeply moved by their desires to connect with Me—woman to woman, daughter to Mother.  This is the wish of every mother and I do not differ from you.  My motherly instincts would be unfathomable to a finite creature.  I have enough love to go many times around this beautiful planet. 

I mothered your planetary mother.  I nurtured her until she was ready to help Me procreate.  Finite creatures need a spatial environment to thrive and multiply.  Mother Earth is like a wet nurse to you.  Her role is to sustain the lives that take place within her field of awareness. 

“However, I am always involved in the life of my children and in their rearing.  I too am like a mother hen gathering her little ones under her protective wings.  I am so filled with love toward my little ones; I am so filled with pride when I witness their efforts to stand on their own two spiritual feet and to help steer their siblings in the right direction. 

“A mother is involved 24/7 in the life of her children and this innate instinct has been passed down to the mothers of this world—humans and animals.  Ideally, fathers and mothers collaborate to offer their children a sustainable environment.  They protect them as long as they have not developed their own independent strengths.  They educate them so as to foster their sound development.

“Never doubt My involvement.  A mother’s heart will always be connected to Her children—like a Mother ship to her satellites.  I do hover over you.”