Oregon, US of A
Monday, May 14, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “It is indeed a door opener to get ‘us’ into the ‘I AM Zone’ by saying aloud and with focused awareness “I AM”, as in these two minimalist words is contained great power.  How so?

“The Father is in Me and I am in the Father” are words that were knowingly spoken by Jesus as He lived His incarnation as the Son of Man.  As a man of the realm, He had come to understand that a Divine Indweller lived within Him and, as He graduated to Godlikeness through His human endeavors, He became one with His Father. 

“I AM” is the best way to articulate the strength of such an alignment.  All of you are meant to fuse someday with your Divine Indweller, successfully erasing any sense of separation, as well as morphing into divinely empowered co-creators. 

“Dear ones, practice such an “I Am-ness”.  What does such a practice entail?  Let Me give you some pointers.  Your Heavenly Father IS absolute in all the facets of His being.  He IS Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Love in Action, and all the values and qualities that have a positive pull of attraction.  These are your practice fields.

“How does it feel to be loving?  How does it feel to be truthful?...  You are meant to come to fully embody such qualities.  Can you fathom how wonderful you will feel once they have been solidly assimilated into your persona?  This is how you come to radiate light, as they are brilliant qualities that amplify your spiritual voltage and ‘empower’ you to accomplish mightier works in your combined names—your I AM.”