Saturday, February 25, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “As the Divine Fragment that dwells within you, I am your appointed Trustee.  What do I mean by that?  As they ripen, I harvest from your thinking any true, good and beautiful thought, and I will eternally preserve and cherish them—whether or not you opt for eternal life.

“Indeed, Truth, Beauty and Goodness are too precious to be squandered.  It takes much time and effort for them to be expressed by the human personality and such efforts are never in vain, as their fruits have been meant to enhance both the planetary and the cosmic experiences. 

"In His eternity, the Father can only bestow everlasting attributes to His children of time, as they have been conceived to live beyond their short human lifespan.  Great men and women are remembered long after their passing for their beautiful mark—the enduring values they uncovered and expressed during their lives. 

“Just as a scientist leaves behind the contribution he or she made to the planetary progress, you too will leave behind whatever was sustainable in your life’s experience.  Moreover, those who decline the option of eternal life will in some way become spiritual organ donors.  What I mean by that is that anything of value they accumulated in their spiritual estate will be harvested and safekept for further service.  

“Never does the Father waste.  Many of the material components of your environment—including your physical body—will eventually return to dust and their minerals will act as fertilizer for the soil. Just the same, the meanings and values that you identify and express through your life will be highly prized and preserved for future higher service—whether or not you perform that service in person.

“Dear ones, by becoming conscious participants in the cosmic labor of love, you will become addicted to the fragrances of Truth, Beauty and Goodness and will be strive to manifest them increasingly in your life.  The Father planted these beautiful seeds in the depth of your being.  Love is the warmth that will activate them and help them emerge from the claustrophobic darkness of their birth soil.  One day, they will come to full bloom and will multiply through their own seeds.  They will be your legacy to your birth world as well as part of your eternal inheritance.”