Oregon, US of A
Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, as you ready yourself to receive my input, you clear your mind of your own busy thinking and you create a space for me to bring new thoughts to your attention.  This process is the same process which takes place in any of the conversation you have with other beings.  You let them know that they have got your attention and you demonstrate it by being mentally present when they respond to you. 

“An enriching conversation takes place when there is a meaningful give and take between the two parties.  Each expressed thought triggers another thought and this is how the teaching occurs between those two poles.  A sharing takes place on a deeper level as genuine attention is given to the exchange.

“Full attention is a requirement to a meaningful and enriching conversation.  It is an exchange of information, on many levels.  You may express an intellectual thought or you many express a deep felt emotion.  In any case, you are revealing something coming from deep within yourself. 

“As you reveal your innermost to your interlocutor and listener, it is an invitation to respond in kind.  Such a deep genuine exchange automatically lifts you up, fills you with a refreshing new flow of energy as you experience a feel good sensation.  You also feel the beautiful connection with another being and the gratitude that comes from receiving the treasures from another soul.

“As you listen to my input this morning, you also come to realize how close I am from your mind and how quickly I respond to your invitation to share with you meaningful data.  You are actively engaged in listening to Me and I can speak to you as I always take advantage of any situation when you are receptive.  Being receptive is the equivalent of sending Me an invitation and I will never turn down any heartfelt invitation to be your Guest Speaker.”