Oregon, US of A
Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us ponder Jesus’s statement that He is the way.  If you think about it, the function of a road is to lead to a specific destination.  Jesus’s earthly life was devoted to breaking the ascension trail back to the Heavenly Father for all humankind to follow.  He successfully set the human precedent of reaching this coveted Destination—as the Son of Man.  He personally walked the walk.  Simultaneously He took note of the inner landmarks He discovered along His own exploratory journey.

Jesus never claimed to be the final destination.  Yet, He was right in proclaiming that “no one comes to the Father but through Me.”  He indeed was a way shower—and still is.  His teachings are forever relevant since they are based on the application of the absolute and unchanging truth to the ever-fluctuating circumstances of your planetary life. 

Dear ones, beware of those who claim to be the destination, as such claims stem from overinflated egos—not from the Higher Self.  The Higher Self thinks big and is forever receptive to the leadings of Spirit.  Such leadings are not frozen in dogmas that prevents the heart from freely expressing itself.  Spirit always lead you in Love and Light, never impinging on your free-will prerogative.  It constantly suggests to you what should be your next move and the most efficient way to be in the flow of your unique life’s script. 

Yet, should you opt to make a detour, Spirit will reorient you if you get lost.  As well, you can be assured that Jesus is accompanying you on your personal journey.  He will help you apply His navigational instruments of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness to all your life’s circumstances.  Therein lies the way that will lead you to the total fullness of your being.  Thus, will you be activated and empowered to even ‘do greater things’, as Jesus freely shares with you the Owner’s Manual of a life optimally lived.”