Oregon, US of A
Sunday, December 3, 2017

“The beauty of divine love, once fully admitted to the human heart, forever destroys the charm of sin and the power of evil.”  [UB 2018:02]

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “You are following a train of thought that gave you an ah-ha moment.  Indeed, I whispered to your mind that the Father takes all responsibility for His creative actions—His ‘Cre-Actions’.  How could it be otherwise?  Would you expect any less from Him? 

The Father IS Eternal Unconditional Love!  Everything He creates is forever motivated by the Infinite Love Capacity of His Heart.  What He creates never leaves His Heart.  Let My words sink into your soul, as they are life-changers.

Why then, would you ask, does He put up with so much dysfunctionality?  Dear ones, just as the planets get formed from chaotic upheavals to eventually become welcoming habitats for humanity, everything that was, is, and ever will be is following a very reliable evolutive Divine Matrix. 

The Father created YOU with loving forethought.  You were never an afterthought, considered as an accidental byproduct. You are forever relevant in the big scheme of things.  Act as such! 

Just as the Father takes full responsibility for His actions, so should you.  What is lacking among you is the sense of purpose that shrouds the thinking and doing of our Father in Heaven.  EVERYTHING IS PURPOSEFUL!  Why then should there be any regrets?

You are an artwork in progress.  Do not judge yourself or others based on your current state of incompleteness.  Ask the Father for His Vision of perfection for all life and this will mightily change your attitude. 

Indeed, He took what appears to be an enormous gamble by bestowing free-will on immature creatures.  Yet, this is a measured gamble that should reveal to you how much faith He has in your abilities.  He is an Optimistic Realist.  He knows the goodness seeded in His work.  He set in place reliable and sustainable Laws of Creation, many of which you still have to uncover.

In your quest for Godlikeness, emulate the Father by taking full responsibility for your actions. Anything else is avoidance leading to spiritual hibernation.  It is time for a planetary springtime!  It is time for the stirring of new spiritual life!  It is time for you to become full-fledged co-creators by fully adhering to the Code of Ethics that the Father has put in place and subscribes to. This is how you become valuable planetary movers and shakers.”