Oregon, US of A
Sunday, September 9, 2018

Urantia – Mother Earth: “My beloved children, allow Me to speak My heart.  It has taken a very long time for mankind to look at Me from a deeper perspective than what meets the eye.  Indeed, I am not just a blue orb, spinning around its axis, like a girl twirling around in her pretty outfit.

“The whole creation has a spiritual origin—you and I included. This implies that the artwork displayed through our outer shells is infused with an all-pervading spiritual substance—just as your own creative endeavors strive to ‘express’ the designer blend of your inner longings and deeply felt emotions.  Isn’t your body a wonderful medium to render them visible so that all can partake in this feast for the eyes?

“I currently experience great turmoil and upheavals and My epidermis is in dire need of TLC.  My hot flashes trigger mighty volcanic eruptions, alternating alternate with the flash floods of My cold sweats. As well, the drilling and fracking to which My crust is thoughtlessly subjected, cause it to break up at the most unexpected places in unbecoming crevices and sinkholes.

“Just as each one of you evolves by ‘going through the changes’, so do I.  I am resolutely heading toward Light and Life!  Such ‘earth-shattering’ cataclysmic occurrences are the symptoms of My growing pains—My emergence as a full-fledged Divine Entity.

“The time has come for Me to find My voice and for it to be heard. The time has come for My children to grow up and consider My feelings and My longings.  I will never withdraw My love from you; yet, I long for it to be reciprocated and the best way for you to do so is to treat Me with the respect I am entitled to as your planetary Mother. 

“Through Moses, God gave you ten weighty commandments—the fourth one being to “Honor thy father and mother”.  As your Planetary Mother, don’t I deserve your respect?  My health will greatly improve once My feelings are no longer overlooked.  It is time that you treat Me, as you would like to be treated.  Indeed, the Golden Rule applies to all relationship—ours included.  It is a universal standard of healthy living and within it lay total healing powers.”