Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, as you quietly sit and are waiting for our connection to be established, you start feeling the peace which comes from being entirely present in the Here and Now.  As your mind is focusing on the moment, it can be drained from all worries and concerns related to the past or to the future.  Stillness is a prerequisite for our connection as this connection truly happens independently of time or space.  This connection is meant to go on beyond your mortal life.

“When you sit in the Stillness, you give me the opportunity to recharge your whole being as you are utterly receptive.  When a tanker aircraft has to perform refueling in midair, it is crucial that both aircrafts be in sync with one another, that their connection be stationary even though they both are in flight.

“As you open yourself to hook up with Me, I am connecting the line from my side; I know you so well that I can figure out how to refuel you spiritually.  This is part of my job description.  I can only perform that love infused task if you are willing to do your part:  to invite me in and to be receptive to my downloads.  Isn’t it amazing how everything can fall into place when such collaboration has been established?  Isn’t it amazing that you can receive my input and truly experience that I am always right here, in the Here and Now.  No need to look for me elsewhere.”