Oregon, US of A
Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “There is power in the “I AM” affirmation.  Why is it so?  By fully standing behind these two words, you are activating the connection between the “I” of your small self and the “AM” of your Indwelling Divine Fragment.  By lingering on the vibrations of these words, you are getting a tiny and yet impactful foretaste of the mighty potentials of our eternal human-divine association.

As you go through many internal metamorphoses, facilitated by the introspective manner in which you deal with your life’s experiences, you evolve toward a personal embodiment of more truth, beauty, and goodness—thus enhancing and expanding your “I”—the raw materials of your being, handed to you at birth and meant to become the Petri dish for the emergence of your Higher Self.

“I AM” is the merging into Oneness of your dual natures—the human and the divine. It is the slow and steady process of attunement—of adjusting your spiritual vision to perfectly blend with Mine, by wearing spiritual ‘corrective lenses’ that provide you with minute adjustments meant to restore your spiritual vision to a perfect 20/20.  This is the process of fusion between the human and the Divine. 

Dear ones, whenever you are confused, consciously speak these two words, as they are an irresistible invitation for Me to step in and guide you from My higher perspective.  I AM in you and you are in Me.  This adds up to the I AM consciousness that Jesus came to embody and that empowered all His life’s decisions.  Indeed, He always fully surrendered His will to the Father’s Will.  This constant practice is what made Him an Ambassador of the Father among His fellowmen.”