Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Thought Adjuster: “Pride was at the very root of the Lucifer rebellion and was passed down, generations after generations, engineering much trouble in individual lives as well as for the planet.

A prideful individual is often coined as having ‘a swelled head’ or ‘getting too big for his britches’.  Indeed, pride threatens the subtle chemistry between the intellectual thinking and the emotional feeling. 

Basically, what I mean is that pride gets in the way of the heart by overinflating the ego—the small self—at the expense of the higher self that operates from a place of oneness, rather than divisiveness.

There are two types of pride: the righteous pride that one feels upon the completion of a difficult task—upon a job well done.  Such a pride is not ostentatious.  It is more like giving oneself a friendly pat on the shoulder.  It is the rewarding feeling of fulfillment that you get when you co-create something truthful, beautiful, and harmonious.

The other type of pride is obnoxious, as it lords over others, belittling them by so doing.  It has been described as ‘wearing a chip on the shoulder’. It is highly divisive and repellent.  It is the behavior exhibited by Lucifer when he self-appointed himself as the leader of a ‘new world order’ in the deceptive coup that he staged —a coup of cosmic ramifications meant to oust his very Maker.  In spite of countless opportunities to repent, Lucifer was not able to do so, as his pride prevented him from admitting the error of his ways and humbly surrendering himself to the Father’s Will.

Dear ones, the Correcting Time occurs at a very personal level, as well as at a planetary level.  It has to start with each one of you by the uprooting of the prideful weeds that threaten to choke the goodness out of you.  It is time to separate the chaff from the wheat, starting with the weed of pride. 

Whenever you fall prey to these ungodly feelings, counter them with the mantra that Jesus often articulated: “Thy will be done.”  Such an affirmation is the humble surrender of the small ego to the Divine—the defeating of pride.  It requires self-awareness and introspection, as they are safeguards against the projection of one’s shortcomings on others or against the widespread ‘blaming game’ that prevents individuals to own to the consequences of their misguided actions—thus leading their soul to a slow death.  Isn’t it time to ransom your soul out of the ugly grip of pride?  Once that first step has been taken, many dormant aspects of your being will be ‘resuscitated from the dead’, so to speak.  Humility will blast open the doors of your prideful bastion of resistance.”