Oregon, US of A
Sunday, September 28, 2014

Christ Michael: “Dear daughter of Mine, this is Christ Michael, responding to your invitation to spend quality time with Me.  I may be the Creator Son of this local universe, but foremost I am the Father of my many co-creatures.  Everything that has been created by Mother Spirit [Nebadonia] and Myself, has been created out of a vision of love, out of the desire to share divine love with each one of our creatures.  Each creature has been carefully thought out and conceived.  Each creature has its foundation on a perfect matrix.  The blue prints have not been lost and are available to be perused so as to recalibrate and upgrade any beings who have strayed from their matrix of perfection due to the Lucifer rebellion and the myriads of misguided decisions that have been made ever since-- both at a global and personal level. 

“In your own life, keep asking for guidance and that the tools of correction can be revealed to you as it is what the Correcting Time is all about.  It is the assessment of your life by your heavenly Teachers and counterparts and it also consists in their loving feedback.  A good teacher teaches the lesson, supervises when the tests is being given, and provides constructive feedback so that the students can improve upon their first attempts at getting the answers and the practices right. 

“This function of the teacher is very important as it allows the students to become aware of the areas in need of improvement.  The students have to display good will and the willingness to be shown where they are flawed.  Pride has to be surrendered at the door of the exam room.  Pride is blinding and deafening.  Pride is having a know-it-all or know-it-best attitude that is the opposite of the attitude of humble receptivity which is needed in order to progress at all levels in this earthly life.

“Whenever you feel that your pride is being triggered and activated, stop in your tracks and observe what is happening.  Ask for assistance in defusing that harmful and dangerous emotion which has been the cause of all the painful history of Urantia.  The rebellion took place because of misplaced pride.  Pride is what cuts off the loving connection with the Divine.  Pride is the greatest cause of separation between man and God and man and man.

“Search humbly within your heart in order to address wisely challenging situations.  By being humble, surprisingly enough, you will be able to view situations from the higher perspective as you will allow God to step in, instead of excluding Him from your life.  Humility is truly a stepstool to the divine lap.  And sometimes, you are becoming the stepping stone for others to step on and be lifted up though your loving efforts. 

“Your heart is a garden-- a garden where you grow many crops.  The fruits of the Spirit are of many varieties.  Each one needs to be tendered to, watered and fertilized.  Life experiences are the fertilizers.  Divine love and light are the water and the sun rays.  As you look back on your life, you will start discovering which crop the Heavenly Gardener has been tendering to.  Which fruits of the Spirit are you manifesting?  Which ones are ready for the harvest and which ones are ready to bring forth many seeds?  Which seeds are still dormant in the tool shed, waiting for the right season to be planted so that they may thrive instead of being aborted?

“Isn’t life exciting when you look at it that way?  Think of My own life.  As a child I was taught how to love My family, My brothers and sisters.  I had to develop many skills in order to provide for them.  I went along with the opportunities that presented themselves and the Father eventually guided Me to the place where I could start my public ministry. 

“What does it mean?  My ministry at that point became the main focus of My life as I had more time to devote to it and could reach out to more of My children at a time.  However, I was also ministering each moment of My life, whether it was to My family and friends, or in the synagogue when I was allowed to speak there.  I was always of the mindset to serve the Father’s Will and to be open to the opportunities which presented themselves.  This is all what it takes to minister to God’s children:  To have the desire to do so, to be aware in your daily activities, and to humbly ask the Father to inspire you in all your interactions so that your life can be consecrated and sacred.

“ Dear child, keep striving for growth but also be patient as the curriculum is vast and each lesson has to be carefully integrated into your being before you can successfully tackle on the next one.

“Be in my Light, be in my Love.”