Oregon, US of A
Thursday, September 17, 2020

“Pride obscures God. If you would obtain heavenly help, put away your pride; every hair of pride shuts off saving light, as it were, by a great cloud. If you are not right on the inside, it is useless to pray for that which is on the outside.” [UB 131 :7 :3]

Thought Adjuster: “The battle between humility and pride has been raging at all levels of the human planetary experience—and beyond—ever since Lucifer set a historical precedent.  Therefore, the most relevant admonition is “Beware of Pride!” 

Psychologically speaking, self-pride leads to self-deception; self-deception leads to delusion, which, in turn, leads to hypocrisy.  It is how the brilliant Morning Star fell from grace, as Lucifer became unable to turn his life around and accept the saving grace of proffered divine pardon. His excessive pride vetoed what would have been in his and everyone’s best interest due to his authority position.

Generations later, each one of you still has to deal with the Luciferian legacy of pride—an emotional handicap inherited from his side of your ancestry.  Many fan clubs improperly adulate individuals who excel in a specific area, thus endangering their psychological equilibrium by instilling them with a superiority sentiment.  Unfortunately, it renders them aloof to the less-privileged status of ‘ordinary folks.’ They become so full of themselves that there is no room left for others.

Therefore, it is crucial for your spiritual growth that you make it a priority to subdue your prideful propensities—thus refusing the controlling authority that Lucifer still exerts through the hand-me-down of his brazen arrogance.

Life will dish you out portions of ‘humble pie.’ It may not be to your liking, but it is for your highest good, just as ingesting a serving of unpalatable cod liver oil works wonder to your immune system. 

Emulate Jesus’ humility—an inviting quality that made him stand out among the overinflated egos of individuals so out of touch with themselves that they viewed Jesus as a threat while the only danger he presented was to their fallen nature.

The choice is yours, and the way is clear:  By subjugating your prideful impulses, you will get to master humility. Subject your budding humility to strict quality control, as stubborn remnants of pride may try to trick you into preventing their extinction: “You do well to be meek before God and self-controlled before men, but let your meekness be of spiritual origin and not the self-deceptive display of a self-conscious sense of self-righteous superiority.” [UB 149:6:11]”