Oregon, US of A
Saturday, April 4, 2015

“The acts of today are the destiny of tomorrow.” UB 557:10

Christ Michael:  “Dear child, this is Christ Michael.  You desire to establish a personal relationship with me and I do support you in that endeavor.  As your father/brother/friend, there is nothing more that I want myself than to be connected with my children.  So many of my earthly children are still estranged and are convinced that their independence makes them strong.  Little do they realize that strength has its foundation in unity.

“Tomorrow is the commemoration of Easter, the day when I resurrected from the dead, when I moved on into the higher spiritual dimensions demonstrating that physical death is just a transition and is part of the metamorphosis process that each human being will experience when they leave their carnal envelope.  Yes, this earthly life is just the launching pad of your eternal life.  This is why it is so important that this launching pad lays on solid foundations so that the soul can be right on target when it departs.

“A life focused solely on the material realm has lost its eternal focus and the launching of such  “down to earth soul might prove to be difficult and disorienting for that soul which has not yet tasted of the true reality of its existence.

“On the day of my ascension--over 2000 years ago--, humanity was gifted with amazing spiritual influences which were offered to those who demonstrated their receptivity.  My Spirit of Truth came to represent Me and guide My children on the 100% foundation of TRUTH.  This is why you can completely rely on that ally to help you navigate your life decisions.

“Mother’s Holy Spirit also was effused jointly with my Spirit of Truth and Thought Adjusters hailed from Paradise in great numbers to connect with their human charges.  This threefold blessing truly lifted the spiritual vibrations of the planet, even though I had departed.  Those blessings were my legacy.  I made sure that my children were well taken care of.

“Tomorrow, Christianity is celebrating the commemoration of that day.  This group consciousness is very powerful and allows us to keep downloading greater and greater energetic fields on the planet.  We have never stopped prepping it for Light and Life and will keep supporting that process in a more and more accelerated manner as more and more souls consciously and intentionally join in. “