Oregon, US of A
Friday, September 26, 2014

Teacher:  “Dear Child, you are grounded, you are balanced and you are centered.  By readying your being to be a clear receiver, you are like a sound engineer calibrating the reception of the electronic devices.  Trust your fingers on the keyboard.  Allow them to be the messengers of Spirit.  Isn’t it easier that way?  Allow them to type independently.  This way, we can infiltrate your brain and use it to manifest our messages on the screen of your computer.  Do trust in the process. 

“You will learn increasingly to make your ego step aside and just be a witness of what is happening--a neutral observer.  It is so important for you to remain objective so as not to taint the information you receive with your own belief systems and prejudices.  By being genuinely open, you allow information to come through your being which will help you to reassess your own thinking.  Ask and you shall receive.  Do not have any expectations as to the content of the answers.  Be truly open to receive whatever solicited advice we have for you. 

Yes, dear child, we belong to the same family.  Everything That Is is Oneness.  Problems can only be solved from this cosmic perspective.  Putting heads, hearts, and souls together is the only way to guide this planet to Light and Life.  Many human egos need to realize that it is harmful to be only preoccupied by the small me, me, me.  What about the larger us?

“By enlarging your perspective to become a more global perspective, you will be given the global solutions-- the only valid ones as the Father in Heaven thinks globally.  For Him, each individual being is part of the Master Piece that He is creating.  The importance of individuals is magnified when they are connected to the whole.  What serves the whole, definitely and unquestionably serves the individual.  Don’t you see?  Humanity has to become aware of this simple truth. Instead of worrying about meeting the needs of the little self and of acting at the expense of others, how much more productive would it be to serve the whole as it will take care of your needs as well?

“The shift has to occur in people’s hearts and minds.  It has to start with receptivity.  Unfortunately, frequently the only way to trigger receptivity is in times of need when people have a vested interest in getting answers in order to remedy to a stressful situation.  Wisdom is frequently acquired through challenges and tribulations.  They are like riddles which need to be solved and the problem solver is much more open to detecting the clues placed along the way.  Humanity, stop being clueless!  Wake up to the amazing labor of love of the Correcting Time and do the work needing to take place within yourself so as to rise to your Divinity.”