Sunday, July 5, 2015

Teacher:  “Dear child, your mind is like a small satellite dish, equipped with sending and receiving devices.  Your job is to allow the positioning of your satellite so that it can be turned toward the highest frequencies available to it.  By conditioning each brand new day through the expression your desire to be of service and to be connected to the Divine influences, you are allowing us – your Teachers from on High, to assist you in that process as we know where your satellite dish should be pointed to in order to pick up our lessons.

“This interspecies cooperation-- the cosmic classrooms—are part of the Divine Plan.  Yes, the Father provides each of you with the most qualified Teachers.  Each Teacher knows you very personally; each lesson is prepared based on your individual needs but also based on your ability to share them with others.  This is how spiritual food gets multiplied. 

“Many humans ponder the same questions, trying to figure out the answers for themselves or others.  Questions are wonderful door openers as they demonstrate receptivity from the part of the one asking them.  They also demonstrate that that individual does not live like a slumbering automaton.  The activation of the mental abilities is crucial in the process of acquiring new knowledge. 

“As you come to process and integrate in your being the vast array of answers that are coming your way, more questions will come to your mind, upon which we can expand our lessons.  The cosmos is operating at such an infinite scale that there cannot be a dull moment.  Yet, on this disconnected planet, many lives are filled with boredom as minds have not yet perceived the meaningful thought provoking triggers which are surrounding them. 

“Each mortal has to decide for him/herself to enroll in the universal educational program –the university.  Once this intention has been expressed, the universe will immediately dispatch the most qualified Teachers to tutor and home school that student.  Sometimes, you will become such a teacher for others as, when you diligently do your home work, you are expanding your understanding and are becoming qualified to share with others the gems of wisdom that you have unearthed by studying your life lessons.

“Every one has their wn field of expertise based on unique talents.  It is saddening that so many teachers are not aware of their specialty.  The Father will keep presenting His children with opportunities to discover their gifts so that they can be activated and play their unique function in the cosmos, as they are meant to do. 

“The Father thinks at a cosmic level; therefore your gifts are meant to be of cosmic service.  Keep asking questions so that the empty space they open in your being can be filled with the incoming answers which will propel you further on your journey like fuel refilling a gas tank to provide your vehicle with more potential mileage.  How is your mileage?  Are you filling your spiritual tank with regular or with premium?  Or is it you running empty? The Father only provides the best for His children as the best nutrition support the best performance and well-being.”