Oregon, US of A
Saturday, February 2, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Whenever you express the heartfelt intention to connect with Me and follow through by conditioning yourself for ‘attentive listening,’ I know that your eager mind will pick up on My silent words.  It is indeed a magical moment for both of us when such a profound connection takes place in the depth of your very being.

“My words are loaded with meaning.  At times, one word suffices to impact your consciousness.  At other times, you may require a sentence or more.  The most potent truth is the simplest, as by touching your mind, it travels straight to your heart where it finds its validation—its resonance.

“The same goes for the words of Truth that may escape your lips whenever you meet someone in need of assistance—often unbeknownst to you.  Indeed, the Divine Indwellers fully collaborate in Love and Light.  Whenever their charge is not skilled yet in decoding their silent language, They resort to sign language—i.e., divinely orchestrated synchronicities and encounters.

“What better means to convey gems of saving truth to another soul than to use a physical ‘transmitter’—someone who has expressed the sincere intention to serve as ‘instrument’ of the Divine Providence? 

“Dear ones, cultivate such a high intention, and it will add a lot of thrill to your life.  Reaffirm each morning your desire to be of higher service, and you will come to witness that such selfless intentions will be acted upon. 

Upon retiring, revisit those special moments and express gratitude for them.  Know however that it does not matter whether you registered all of them.  What matters is that you could catalyze a far-reaching ripple effect of Divine Intervention—all credit to be given to the One Who skillfully handles each instrument according to its assigned purpose.”