Oregon, US of A
Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thought Adjuster: “Dear one, as you are thinking this morning about the precious value of each one of the Father’s children and as you are connecting with Christ Michael, you are getting insights into His unconditional love — into the nature of His love.


“To Christ Michael and Mother Nebadonia, every human being is precious and loved unconditionally in his or her present state of immaturity.  Your Father and Mother know your amazing potentials.  They know the Father in Heaven and recognize His heart print and His fingerprints in His creatures of time.  They know the precious potential encoded in each one of their children and they too are looking in amazement at the unfolding of these unique personalities, these unique expressions of the Father.


“Start looking at your siblings with similar eyes, helping them realize their dormant potentials and their innate value.  Not one of God’s offspring is expendable.  Not one is considered as inferior to one another as all are equal in their God given potentials.  Yet, a lot depends on what you do with your time on this birth planet.  What do you do with the “silver talents” that have been entrusted to you at the time of your birth?  Do you turn them into greater blessings by investing them into your life’s activities?  Or do you burry them in the ground, allowing them to be covered by more and more layers of dirt to the point that you no longer remember that you are the faithful stewards of these silver talents?


“How sad it is that so many lives are lived unaware of these great inner treasures?  What a thrill it actually is to dig within yourself and search for those raw diamonds and gold nuggets!  You may be surprised by the abundance of your blessings. 


“Keep asking for guidance in your treasure hunt; keep scouting for meaningful clues to nudge you forward.  Stay humble so that you can turn around whenever you notice that you strayed off the path.  Pride is a nasty trait which handicaps the soul.”