Oregon, US of A
Monday, June 15, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “How to deactivate negative energies?  This is the secret of growth.  In your daily life, from time to time, the flow of your thinking will get stuck on some memory or feeling which does not feel good.  If you are unaware of the process, you will start feeding this situation by lingering on it with your thinking and resurrecting some dormant emotions of bitterness, resentment, or other painful emotions.  By focusing your attention on them, you are literally recharging them, giving them a second, third, etc. life – literally keeping them screaming and kicking.  This is the reason why peace is such a difficult state to attain within you and within the human relationships on this planet.

“Yet, there is much hope.  As you become aware of this process of attraction, you can use it to your advantage by focusing instead on feel-better emotions and memories.  By the same process of cause and effect, you will immediately raise your own vibrations and frequencies.  Eventually, you will reach a state of being where all the negative influences will have lost their pull of attraction in your life.  You will knowingly and wisely chose to give your energy to meaningful causes rather than to lost causes.

“Whenever you feel challenged and hit a roadblock in that process of letting go, call upon Me and I will help you overcome that emotional clot.  Every system of your being has been designed to be a circulatory system, a continuous looping of give and take.  This is why it is so important to carefully select the object of these exchanges, especially at the emotional level.

“When forgiveness has not performed its deactivating power, conflicts keep arising and disharmony and malfunction are the outcomes.  Resentments, bitterness, jealousy are time bombs, dangerously ticking and threatening to blow up next time someone steps on their detonator.  Learn to identify your own trigger points and to deactivate them once and for all within yourself.  As you master that skill, you will become able to teach it to others as all are afflicted by the same legacy of the Lucifer Rebellion.  The rebellion has run its course and it is time to learn to live without any of its contaminants.  It is time to apply the Golden Rule in all decisions as it will unerringly lead this planet into the realms of Love and Light.”