Oregon, US of A
Saturday, May 11, 2019

Teacher Uteah: “What are the makings of a great teacher?  First of all, it is a genuine desire to share hard-earned knowledge and wisdom.  Nobody is an island in and by itself. Instead, everyone is part of a continent—a place where everything is somehow interconnected.  In this sense, the personal acquisitions of love and wisdom should be donated to the community trust fund.

“Hearts have not just been conceived as individual love receptacles. Just as your physical heart is the driving force of your complex circulatory system, your emotional heart should serve as a relay station for love—one of its many communicating vases.  The Father wishes to fill each heart to the brim, as the irrepressible overflow of love is to be circulated and freely shared with other thirsty souls.

“As well, wisdom is a most precious commodity, experientially acquired over time and akin to knowledge.  Knowledge can be very intellectual, helping you understand the mechanics of the world you live in, while wisdom has much to do with ‘street smartness.’  Both should become part of the legacy that gives an advantageous head- and heart-start to the next generations—a solid foundation on which to stand.  Wisdom should safe kept in an unbroken chain of custody.  It is how the Wisdom of the Ages keeps expanding, as gems of personal enlightenment find their way into the sacred pool of wisdom.

“Jesus was very wise and astute.  He dispensed wisdom according to the degree of receptivity of His interlocutors, as it has to be integrated to be useful.  Each decision He made was mitigated by the selfless love He harbored in His heart, leading Him to be very resourceful in the ways He imparted His wisdom onto others.  At times, wisdom dictated Him to remain silent; at others, it prompted Him to speak up.  Either way, He was teaching, as He devoted His entire life to be instrumental in disseminating the enduring values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—Love in Action.

“Whether you hold an academic degree or not, all of you can qualify as ‘Honorary Fellows’ by role modeling your areas of expertise, while benefiting from the example set by others in your areas under construction.  Living with such a heightened awareness will keep you humble—another prerequisite for being a great teacher. 

“Lucifer was a stellar being, but pride and arrogance caused his fall from grace.  By mastering the social grace of humility, steadfastly turning down artificial honors, Jesus qualified Himself as the poster boy for humility—a crucial element in your spiritual development.  Indeed, overinflated egos may cause you to trip and fall.”