Oregon, Etats Unis
Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Uteah: “To put it simply, when the ascending creatures work their way toward Paradise, they are working their way toward the fullness of Love.  Paradise is where you can find full-strength Love, therefore its irresistible power of attraction.

“Not only does Love create the universes but it also sustains them.  Love is life, and life is love.   Looking at it this way, how alive are you?  Is the life force that courses through you stripped of its love force?  It is a vital question to ask yourself.

As you Trinity Teacher, I am here to teach you about LOVE—the love from the Paradise Trinity.  It is the reason why my teachings will be practical.  Love has to be practiced to be experienced.  It has to become part of who you are.  Once woven into your thoughts, feelings, and actions, it acts as the reliable rudder for your life. 

“Dear ones, love fully! Love generously!  It is how you grow in your godlikeness.  The measure of your love determines your progress.”