Oregon, US of A
Thursday, May 24, 2018

Teacher:  I am one of your Teachers from on High.  We chose you because we have much in common with you.  My life in the flesh was short-lived, yet, it was ‘meaning-full’ and this is all that matters, as your life in the flesh is intended to be your initial launching pad toward your next phases of soul growth.

“Your body is the vehicle that allows you to move around in the material world.  However, it has been conceived to be simultaneously the chalice that harbors your precious embryonic soul and, once you become aware of that fact of life, shouldn’t you treat this ‘sanctuary’ with utmost respect and care? 

“The Kingdom of God is within you!  Take a moment to ponder this statement—a statement frequently made by Jesus, who was in touch with the reality of His inner kingdom. 

“If the Kingdom is within you, you are truly a piece of the royal real estate—a property that the Divine would like to claim as one of Its spiritual colonies.  Doesn’t it convey to you a feeling of worth?  Indeed, you determine your personal worth based on how you invest the life force that flows through you. 

“The setting of clear personal intentions is the first step, as it provides you with a spiritual destination and calls upon your Divine Indweller to present you with a navigational map.  Indeed, He takes your intentions to heart whenever they are in alignment with the Divine Vision for your existence.  If they fail to do so, He will not back them up in the hope that they will lose their power of misguided attraction and that you will quickly drop them by the wayside.

“Examine your life!  Are you happy with the way it unfolds?  Or do you feel that it is in need of some course correction?  Your feelings are part of your navigational instruments.   Just as children play a game where one of them is blindfolded and has to follow the vocal clues of his playmates who tell him whether he is getting ‘hotter’ (progressing on track) or colder (straying further away from the goal), your feelings will act in a similar manner.  Whenever you are dissatisfied, you are ‘cold’; whenever passion feels your heart, you are getting ‘hot’.  Indeed, a cold heart is a heart disconnected from the universal Love Circuitry.  Take the necessary steps to reconnect yourself with the intended flow of your life and your experience will be mightily upgraded.”