Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, what is reality?  Reality is only real to you when you connect with some of its aspects.  Your reality is within the reach of your five physical senses and your sense of intuition.  Only what you personally experience can be real to you.  Anything else is mostly hearsay as it has not been validated by your personal experience.

“This is why the Creator Sons incarnate in the likeness of their creatures so that they can know the creature experience and so that the creature’s reality is encompassed in their own reality.  The more compassion you develop in your heart, the more you participate in the various realities of your earthly siblings.

“Your Master Jesus lived his life with the intention of partaking in as many life experiences as possible in order to genuinely be able to say to His children:  I know what you are going through.  I have been there.  I experienced it.  I can relate to your pleas and tribulations.  I can also promise you that they are meaningful as within them are contained higher meanings and the possibility to attain higher levels of comprehension. 

“Your Master experienced heartbreaks and grief.  He experienced the infliction of hurts to his being: emotional and physical.  He also demonstrated how to transmute any perceived negatives in positives--in assets.  Through His life message and teachings, He shows you that nothing is ever devoid of hope.  Hope and Faith are siblings which keep you walking toward the Light and the fulfillment of the Father’s promises.  They are yours to cultivate within you as they are your fuel toward eternity. 

“Learn to give hope to those who lost the ability to be optimist.  By shining your light, you can show them that light is also available to them if they only turn their minds and hearts toward their Heavenly Father.  The Creator Son of your universe of Nebadon is emotionally connected to each one of His creatures and is qualified by His own experiences to show them the right way.  At all levels of His existence, He demonstrates and embodies the Golden Rule that He taught.”