You are invited to the homecoming party

I am throwing for my inner child.

We were inseparable,

She was the apple of my eyes.


Ironically, as life threw lemons at me,

I became more solemn and lost my zest for life.

Consequently, that lovely child ran away

And withdrew in the recesses of my heart…


Her souvenir stayed with me like an elusive perfume.

I grieved her innocence, her giggles, her mischief, and spontaneity.

I missed the good old days of playfulness,

Of dancing in the rain and building sandcastles,

Of imaginations gone wild and heartfelt camaraderie.


We used to be two peas in a pod, but the pod now stood empty.

Nostalgia had taken hold of my heart. I was longing for a reunion.


Where have you been, little one, while I navigated my stormy emotions?

Who protected you and took care of your needs?

Yet, there was fortitude in you; I do know you pulled through.


I went on a quest for my long-lost child.

I twitted, face-booked, and did what it took …

I whispered her name in the night.

I sang her favorite lullaby

Hoping it would lure her out of her hiding place.


At last, I heard a gentle something at the door of my heart.

Knock, knock! “Who is there?” I asked.

“Mother, this is me, your inner child!”


“Do come in, little one, and do sit on my lap,

I have been waiting for your safe return

As life away from you was so devoid of fun.

I promise to protect you and allow you to speak up

I do cherish your input; I am so glad you returned.”


Yes, I am throwing a homecoming party for my inner child.


Anyas Spencer, Medford, Oregon, December 9, 2014

Tue, 12/09/2014