Oregon, US of A
Monday, January 8, 2018

“Happy are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.” …Jesus’ peace is not of the pacific and negative kind…. This is the peace that prevents ruinous conflicts… Peacemaking is the cure of distrust and suspicion.” [UB Paper 140, Section 5]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Peace.  Jesus came to earth as the Prince of Peace.  This came as a surprise to those who were expecting him to be a military activist of sorts.  Peace is the access code to the well-guarded gates of the Kingdom of Heaven—the one within you. 

“What do I mean by that?  Whenever you wish to attend a retreat, you are asked to disconnect all your digital devices.  This is a necessity for you to avoid all such distractions in order to turn within.  As well, a quiet surrounding will facilitate such a process. 

“You witness daily all types of warfare and antagonisms.  You crave for a state of inner peace that can help you heal from such chaotic situations.  Indeed, peace is needed to help you regenerate yourself—away from the noisiness and cacophonies of inharmonious personal or social interactions.

“War cannot bring peace on earth, as peace and war are at the antipodes of one another.  Yet, as the saying goes: “If you want peace, prepare for war.”  Have you ever considered that it has something to do with your inner readiness to deal in a peaceful manner with events that could cause you to ‘lose your cool’—to lose your poise, to lose your inner equilibrium?

“Indeed, much is to be learned from Jesus’ peaceful and peacemaking behavior.  Rather than fueling already existing conflicts, He ‘appeased’ them, wisely navigating around emotional landmines and in fact very effectively defusing them.

“Dear ones, you can play a very important part by enlisting in the Heavenly Bomb Disposal Squad—those courageous souls that act as the planetary Peace Corps—the keepers of the peace.  You are the ones on whom the Father counts to create more and more Peace Settlements in a world torn by conflicts—personal, social, economic, religious, and more. 

“Indeed, “Peace is the cure of distrust and suspicion.”  It starts within, leading you to constructively address any conflicts that you encounter.  Pray for peace.  It is the most fundamental human need to be met for you to thrive and the Father takes all your needs very seriously.”