Oregon, US of A
Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “The image came to your mind that your brain and your heart form a circulatory system, and that, ideally, the flow of their interaction is shaped like the harmonious 8 of an Infinity Circle.  Your vocal chords are situated at its point of intersection, demonstrating the creative power vested in your spoken words.  You cannot take back the words that pass the threshold of your lips.  As well, God created through His Spoken Word.  This is well worth pondering, as so many impulsive decisions are taken without considering this fine spiritual regulatory organism and result in miscreation. 

Decisions have to be sound mentally.  They have to be processed by your rational mind, as any irrational decisions is a recipe for disaster.  As well, the impulses of the heart have to be monitored by your mind, to prevent your heart from being carried away, thus taking you from a state of emotional high to one of emotional low as you come to regret your impulsivity.

The balance between heart and mind has to be preserved in the multiplicity of decisions impacting all levels of your life’s experience, as each level has been conceived by the Father to be yet another level of ‘service.’  Your politicians would do well to include the values of Love for Humanity, Empathy, and Compassion in the enactment of laws.  While campaigning, they gain the public trust by affirming their intentions of becoming ‘public servants’.  Yet, too often their deeds belie their words.

Dear ones, carefully weigh your words.  They are meant to express the state of harmony between your heart and your mind.  What leaves your lips should be carefully filtered through this cardio-mental system.  This is how intelligent love is meted out to all the creatures living on the face of the earth. 

Jesus’s life was led in such a way.  His heart remained open but he weighed all His actions against the Father’s Will, a safeguard against enabling those in need of personal reformation.  Indeed, Personal Growth is another one of the fundamental core values to be applied to any decision.  “Does it contribute to personal growth--mine and others?” is a very important question to ask yourself whenever in doubt.”