Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, January 24, 2017

“It is a long journey for an ascending creature to work his/her way back to the Paradisiac Presence of the Father.  As a Divine Fragment dispatched to indwell you at your first moral decision, I hailed from Paradise and functioning independently of time and space, I was able to travel faster than the speed of light in order to find YOU. 

“What a humbling thought it is for you to realize that YOU were my destination.  YOU were on My mind all the way through My descent from higher realms to meet you at your experiential level!  This is called LOVE.  Love is when your whole being—in mind and in heart—is focusing on the object of its affection.  My Love for you is unconditional and absolute.  I am head over heels in love with YOU.  And so are all the Divine Indwellers that have been matched in Heaven to each creature of time gifted with a normal mind with moral inclinations.

“My Love is a given—a Gift.  Your budding love for Me is a source of great joy—the type of joy loving parents experience when their little one comes to them with a token of affection—no matter how rudimentary it may be.  It is not the gift but the loving intention behind the gift that deeply moves the parental heart.

“Never think that you are not good enough.  Such is not the case as each growing child of God is constantly improving and getting more proficient at expressing his/her innate goodness.  God will never discourage you by telling you that you are unworthy and imperfect.  He made the decisions eons ago to seed you as an imperfect being on the worlds of time and space, in order to enjoy the slow unfolding of your potentials, just as you enjoy the growing phases of a seed through the seasons of its life—a seed growing toward its perfection of full bloom.  Who would have known looking at this tiny and seemingly unremarkable seed that it would someday display so much beauty and emanate such a fragrance?

“Dear ones, this is how you need to view yourselves.  Be curious as to how to promote your growth toward the beautiful and breathtaking You.  Strive to be the best you can be.  This is all what is asked of you.  And I AM with you each step of the way—living within you, with you and through you as much as you let Me.”