Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “How would you describe your connection to the Divine?  At which level does it occur?  Do you ‘intellectually’ and ‘mentally’ affirm to love God?  Is that indeed Love?

“There is nothing wrong with getting to know the Divine on an intellectual level at first, as it can be a gateway leading to a genuine emotional connection.  Your growing intellectual understanding about the magnitude and the expansiveness of the Divine will unfailingly generate in you a ‘feeling’ of awe—a wonderful first step, as feelings come from your heart—no longer from your head.  Do you see what I am hinting at?

“What matters is that you do not fool yourself into believing that you have a ‘living’ love connection with the Divine unless you can ‘feel’ it in your heart—the only place where love connections occur. 

“Your mental process will definitely help guide your spiritual journey, as your mind allows you to make informed decisions.  Yet, you cannot profess ‘love’ toward anyone unless there is a heart-to-heart connection.  Love triggers love, and love responds to love, thus closing the loop and priming the connection.

“What matters is that you share of yourself with your Indwelling Divine Presence.  Just as a child spontaneously expresses anything and everything that comes up in his mind—without holding back.  This is how you invite My Presence to be ‘felt’ within you, as your sharing moves Me and—whether you sense it or not—I cannot but partake to this conversation—rejoicing with you when you share good news and encouraging you to move on when the going gets tough.  I listen to every word you utter.  I know your inner life—better than you do yourself, as I am always present in Heart and Mind.  I am emotionally connected to you since your very beginnings.  Yours is to grow in your emotional connection with Me, as it is indeed the reason of our beings.”