Saturday, April 20, 2019

“Ability is the practical measure of life’s opportunities.  You will never be held responsible for the accomplishment of what is beyond your abilities.”  [UB Paper 171, Section 8]

Thought Adjuster: “Many of you are too hard on themselves.  By comparing themselves to others, they develop inferiority complexes or feelings of inadequacy in some areas.  It is not how the Creator looks at you, as His evaluation of your actions or lack thereof is always conducted based on your ‘response-ability.’ Indeed, the God-given abilities to respond vary individually, which should come as a great relief to those who are guilt-ridden because of their unrealistic self-expectations.

“The divine expectations for your life are objectively based on an accurate inventory of the unique talents and gifts the Father has blessed you with—your assets.  Therein lies your sacred responsibility.  What are you doing with them?  

“Your first assignment should be to identify your strengths.  In His All-Fairness, the Father blesses you abundantly at birth, gifting you with soon-to-become-obvious talents, as well as dormant potentials.  Like the Fairy Godmother of your tales, He is preoccupied with the character development and good fortune of His human offspring.  You are a unique specimen in the Father’s garden while belonging to a perennial species that also benefit from the positive strains of the family tree—the generational hand-me-down legacy of their accomplishments. 

“Certainly, you also have to tend to their unfinished business.  At birth, you were handed the generational ‘relay baton,’ and your predecessors are watching from the sidelines to see how you run your race against the ticking clock of your earthly life.  They are rooting for you, as they have a vested interest in the success of the ‘home team.’

“You each have a specialty—an area of expertise.  May you be guided by the inner prompts of your likes and personal aspirations.  They have been encoded in your persona to show you the way, as they exert a strong gravitational pull toward the fulfillment of your life’s purpose.

“Let go of your sense of inadequacy.  It does not serve you well.  Find your niche and be mindful of the life’s opportunities that will present themselves to help you manifest your greatness—the coming to fruition of these latent abilities.  As you apply yourself to manifest them, more will be revealed to you, as they are part of the awe-inspiring scaffolding of your eternal destiny.”