The Hard-Earned Credentials of a Miracle Worker
Oregon, US of A
Saturday, August 18, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “You were just reading about the episode when three of Jesus’ –imbued with self-importance—attempted the healing of an epileptic and demon-possessed child in the absence of Jesus—and miserably failed.

“Upon His return, Jesus pointed out to them that their failure was due to the fact that they were looking for personal recognition without meeting any of the criteria for the performance of a miraculous healing: (1) a pure purpose; (2) a divine motive; (3) a spiritual ideal; (4) an altruistic ambition; (5) a love-based procedure; and (6) a goal in harmony with God’s will. 

“Jesus further said that: “You cannot time-shorten the course of established natural phenomena except when such things are in accordance with the Father’s will… nor can you do spiritual work in the absence of spiritual power… and without the existence of that third and essential human factor, the personal experience of the possession of living faith.”  [UB Paper 158, Section 6]

“From this, you can gather that miracles cannot occur from a merely human perspective.  What I mean by that is that miracles ride on the divine coattail.  Whenever your will is to do God’s Will, He will use you as His instrument for the manifestation of His loving will—vesting you momentarily with super-powers that are not subject to the physical laws of time and space. 

“In His great wisdom, the Father ensured that no ‘miracle’ could ever occur without meeting all of the above requirements. Indiscriminately bestowed, such superpowers would have disastrous repercussions were they to land in the wrong hands.

“On the other hand, how powerful you are!  Far from being helpless creatures, you are potential co-creators and contributors to the all-encompassing highest good.  Looking at the complexity of your very being, you cannot but marvel and view your existence as a miracle—a far cry from a random accident of time, as it was set in motion before time even existed. 

“As a man among men, Jesus demonstrated the do-ability of performing love-infused miracles.  Put the checklist He provided to good use.  This is how you will unleash your divine powers for the greatest good of all.”