Oregon,US of A
Monday, January 12, 2015

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, as you ready yourself to receive each morning, as you “ground, balance, and center” your being, you are activating your personal antennae to receive and decode the divine signals that are sent your way – for you to receive. 


The Father is always available to His children through the myriads of His helpers as this universe, and all the universes, are friendly universes.  Beyond the limits of your planet, the harmony of creation is more obvious to the beholders.  You are starting your eternal journey on a grief-stricken planet, and yet, all is not that dismal.  The contrasts you are experiencing add to the intensity of your personal experience and make it clearer to you, in some paradoxical way, as to where the Light resides. 


“Isn’t it much easier to see a point of light a dark place as it is in a sunlit one?  Light blends in with light but, even the tiniest point of light, break through the darkness to bring attention to itself.  The Father sends a multitude of such points of light your way to guide you throughout your days.  Sometimes, the smallest point of light has a huge impact on your life as it catches your attention and thus become a guiding light.


“You too, dear one, are a God-sent light to help others find joy and comfort in their own lives and you too are surrounded with many lights shone by your brothers and sisters beckoning you to join them in new territories of their human/divine experience.