Oregon, US of A
Sunday, June 3, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “You were mentioning that what appears to you as mighty challenges is a stroll in the park for beings in a higher state of evolution and consciousness.  Indeed, their experiential reality differs greatly from yours, as they already have overcome many of the emotional and spiritual hurdles that you are bound to encounter along your ascension journey. 

“The word ‘ascension’ has two implications: (1) Whenever you climb an elevation, it involves an investment of personal effort, as you are dealing with laws of physics.  In your upward climb, you have to overcome the downward pull of gravity.  (2) What motivates you to ascend is your desire to enjoy a better and more panoramic view.  As well, it is the rewarding satisfaction of overcoming your own limitations—constantly raising the bar of your achievements, independently of the level of achievement of others.                                                                   

“As a climber gains in altitude, his lungs have to acclimate to the thinner air density.  He has to wisely pace himself in order to keep altitude sickness at bay.  The same goes for your spiritual ascension.  Were you to be suddenly teleported to higher realms, it would be a shock to your system in many ways and you would not be entitled to feel the rightful pride that rewards your painstaking efforts.

“Those who have already moved to the other side of the veil, take with them the spiritual fruits of their life in the flesh.  Yet, they too have to keep climbing upward from their initial spiritual ‘base camp’.  After tarrying for a while at each waystation in order to integrate each precious experience and strengthen yourself for the next phase, you will start feeling ‘stir crazy’, as you instinctively know that there is so much more for you to explore.

“Each step of the way, you will be assisted by those who have already been there and done that—those who are qualified to cheer you on, as they have personally set similar precedents in their own life.”