Oregon, US of A
Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear one, in each practice for improvement, whether it is to improve the performance of your physical, mental or emotional body, time is needed to stretch your limitations, to set the bar higher, but also to recover.  The same goes for the process of our communication.  Do not feel discouraged if there are some days when you do not experience immediate gratification.  It does not mean that nothing is happening.  The process of integration is a very authentic process which prepares your being for the next level of input

“Your physical body performs digestive functions to integrate the food it ingests, to process it and to extract from it the life sustaining elements.  The same goes for your spiritual and emotional bodies.  Haven’t you noticed that, at times, you have to deal with overwhelming emotions that seem to send ripples through your being like a stone hurled in water.  Eventually the ripples will subside and the peace of the body of water will be restored.  Your emotions have to be digested as well.  Some of them need to be transmuted into more nurturing and soul sustaining emotions. 

“The spiritual nourishment that you ingest needs to be digested and integrated as well.  This is why it may appear that Spirit is not constantly feeding you big spiritual meals as Spirit knows how much you can handle at any given time.  Tools for growth are being provided to you as needed.  Spirit will never force feed you with unnecessary and indigestible spiritual nutrients.  Spirit is customizing your spiritual nutrition.  Digestion is a process which takes place in your system without drawing any attention to it.  On the other hand, indigestion sends many red flags into your system and time is needed to restore the inner balance.

“Therefore, patience is needed as growth is a slow process; yet growth happens.  You may experience growth spurts and growing pains, as well as periods of integration when nothing seems to take place.  Yet growth is still happening in all these phases as you keep your intentions focused on the desired outcome.  This is your part in the process.”