Oregon, US of A
Friday, February 17, 2017

“[The mission of your Divine Fragment--your Thought Adjuster]... "chiefly concerns the future life, not this life.  They are called heavenly helpers, not earthly helpers.  They are not interested in making the mortal career easy; rather they are concerned in making your life reasonably difficult and rugged, so that decisions will be stimulated and multiplied.”  [UB Paper 108, section 5]

Teacher: “Life on your earthly experiential plane is not bump free.  Humankind was born under very harsh circumstances and its evolution started literally from ground zero.  It took tremendous courage for your ancestors to lay the groundwork for the comfort of your current life circumstances that so many take for granted. 

“Due to their hard-earned achievements and to the various epochal revelations of expanded truth, you are enjoying a very privileged status in comparison to theirs.  Truly, the availability of the manifold wonderful spiritual influences is the result of the selfless shedding by many of blood, tears and sweat as very vividly exemplified by the life and death of your Master Jesus.

“Rather than resenting the deck of cards that life is dealing you, look at each one very carefully, as—if played wisely—it can become an asset and bring you closer to your spiritual destiny. 

“You will grow in understanding and knowledge; you will grow in courage and bravery; you will grow in your ability to connect with others—heart to heart, soul to soul; you will feel overwhelming gratitude and express it to the Giver of all gifts, as you come to recognize the wonderful blessings that are yours to harvest if you learn to go with the divine flow, instead of resisting it, kicking and screaming.

“Indeed, your indwelling Divine Fragment operates with a long-range vision, as He is guiding you toward your eternal destination.  He is taking you through the confusing maze of your material existence toward the eternal finish line.  He has to ensure that you develop sufficient stamina and spiritual aerobic capacities to go the distance.

“This is tough love; this is true love, as it brings you in touch with your good side—your true and beautiful nature that, after being polished by the sandpaper of your life’s experiences, will start shining brighter and brighter so that you can fit snuggly in the heavenly light.”