Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about the “Great News” that Jesus came to share with all during His earthly incarnation over 2,000 years ago.  The ‘breaking news’ and ‘current events’ broadcasted by your media become quickly stale, to be constantly upstaged by the ‘latest’ news.

“From this down-to-earth perspective, you can better grasp the amazing fact that the revelatory content of Jesus’ spiritual proclamations has not been subjected to a similar aging process and depreciation.  Why is it so?  It is because His message was, is, and will forever be relevant, as it is based on the unshakable foundation of Absolute and Unchanging Truth.

“He came to put an end to the many religious ‘commentaries’ and ‘opinions’ that were formulated in the course of the spiritual evolution of mankind up to that point.  His ‘breaking news’ refuted the ‘fake’ news which frequently defamed the Divine Character, projecting on Him their own character flaws.  He vindicated the reputation of His Heavenly Father, putting to rest the rumors that God was a wrathful, revengeful, and bloodthirsty Entity, needing to be appeased by human or animal offerings.

“This indeed were breaking news!  As well, He shed light on the fact that the actual social standing of human beings in relation to the Divine is one of sonship, which makes them brothers and sisters.  What a confidence booster this represents!

“Even though these facts have been publicized a long time ago, how much of them have you truly integrated into your being?  By pondering over and over the “Good News”, you will start living from this higher perspective and your life will shift from a place of insecurity and fear to one of confidence and heroic faith.  You will also reassess your priorities and live with increasing awareness.  You will consciously disconnect from the ‘enslaving’ elements of your life, as Jesus’ Truth is liberating.  He set the record straight at the time of His coming, explaining that He did not come to politically liberate the Israelite nation, but that He came to spiritually ‘liberate’ the entire planet from the spiritual bondage of the Lucifer Rebellion.”