Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, January 10, 2018

“You must judge your fellows by their deeds; the Father in heaven judges by the intent….my Father looks into the hearts of his children and in mercy adjudges them in accordance with their intents and real desires.”  [UB Paper 140, Section 6]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us expand on the above statement by Jesus.  Indeed, as spiritual beings subjected to the limitations of your physical senses, you have to judge others by their deeds.  However, things are frequently not as they appear to be. 

“You know for yourself that any action, independently from its outcome, affects your soul growth in a good or bad way, depending on your motivations.  Many seemingly ‘good’ actions could be motivated by self-serving agendas or by fear, guilt, and shame that are ‘feel bad’ emotions.  As well, some actions, perceived outwardly as bad, could be the outcome of misguided good intentions.  There is a saying that “Hell is paved with good intentions.”  It could also truthfully be said that “Heaven is paved with good intentions.”  Would you rather be judged according to the result of your deeds or according to the underlying intentions harbored in your heart?   What would you consider as just and fair?

“A child who inadvertently breaks something dear to his parents is quick to assert the personal defense of “I didn’t mean to do it” and is readily absolved by the parental love that takes into consideration the extenuating circumstance of his clumsiness. In a similar fashion, the Father in heaven looks beyond the messes you create, as long as your heart was and is in the right place.  In His Loving Mercy, He will take into account your many attenuating circumstances and your heartfelt remorse. He will then most certainly provide you with a compassionate and effective rehabilitation program. 

“Sadly, on your world, justice is meted out based on a frequently very fallible interpretation of events, as many of you are very skilled at ‘covering their tracks’ and hire the services of cunning defense advocates who are adept at casting doubt on truth, thus contributing to terrible miscarriages of justice. 

“To the Father in Heaven, the preponderance of the evidence lays in the values expressed by your heart—or the lack thereof.  Are you truthful and humble?  Truth and humility are the two spiritual substances He needs to effectively work with you.

“Dear ones, your siblings are subjected to similar inner challenges as you are.  Be merciful and compassionate toward them, as you should know by experience, the frailty of the human nature.  Compassion and understanding do wonder for the rehabilitation of those who momentarily lost their ways.  Once they regain their spiritual footing, their testimonies will have great weight, as, the Great Alchemist turns charcoal into diamonds.”