Oregon, US of A
Sunday, November 12, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about the Process of Attunement. It is a very gradual process, as, in order to become increasingly attuned to the Father’s Will, you need to more fully identify it.   You could compare it to punching the Father’s coordinates in your GPS device. Your GPS would be useless without being fed these coordinates, having nothing to go on.

It has to start with your heartfelt desire to find the Father in your life.  It has to start with your willingness to survey the lay of your inner land, so to speak, so that you can pinpoint your current location in relation to your coveted objective. 

Which way are you facing?  Have you reached a dead-end?  Are you trapped in a spiritual maze of overwhelming proportions?  There is always a way out of any type of entrapment, as long as you activate your free will.  Do not allow others to dictate your travel itinerary, as they do not stand in your stead.

I dwell within you and I am the strongest link—the most accurate connection to the Father in Heaven, as I hailed from His Bosom.  Just as a ship captain looks up at the starry canopy in order to determine his exact whereabouts and set a reliable navigational course, I will assist you in setting your course in alignment with the vision the Father specifically holds for you.  At times, I will suggest slight course corrections, as you may have unconsciously strayed from your route due to strong life’s currents. 

At other times, whenever you feel lost and disoriented in the midst of some powerful inner turmoil, I will help you become realigned with the Northern Star, so to speak.  The nostalgia embedded in your heart is another assurance that you have been programmed to return Home—just as salmons retrace their maiden voyage and are equipped to climb the many ladders taking them upstream, back to their birthplace, where they will spawn and become immortalized through their offspring—the endless life’s cycle.”