Oregon, USA
Sunday, October 6, 2019

“And now that he has personally left the world, he sends in his place his Spirit of Truth, who is designed to live in man and, for each new generation, to restate the Jesus message so that every new group of mortals to appear upon the face of the earth shall have a new and up-to-date version of the gospel, just such personal enlightenment and group guidance as will prove to be an effective solvent for man’s ever-new and  varied spiritual difficulties.”  [UB 194:2:0]

Thought Adjuster: “This statement about the outreach of the Spirit of Truth sent by Jesus to fill the void that His death had created among men, struck you as being very revelatory in multiple ways. It stresses the fact that the Spirit of Truth is a living Spirit that accompanies humankind in the many phases of its evolution. It is the reason why Jesus did not leave any writings behind, as He knew well the propensity of human beings to crystalize truth revelations, thus getting stuck in their soul growth.

“Truth has to be adapted to the world you live in. Newspapers headlines quickly become stale, being consistently topped by new developments. As well, Jesus’ Gospel has to be restated in ‘modern phraseology’ to keep step with human evolution and remain relevant and applicable to each life.

“Not only does The Spirit of Truth customize the delivery of Its teachings to meet the needs of each generation, but It also makes them relevant to each individual, based on their unique life predicaments.

“You are never left on your own to solve life’s riddles. The Spirit of Truth is a loyal inner companion who joins forces with Me—your Indwelling Father Fragment—and the universal presence of the Holy Spirit.

“Jesus did not leave spiritual orphans behind. The beauty of Divinity is that It transcends time and space, only hampered in Its outreach by the lack of faith and receptivity of modern-day ‘doubting Thomases.’

“By turning within, you can be ‘homeschooled’ by this enlightened Faculty of Preceptors. As well, you also benefit from the leadings of the seven Adjutant Mind Spirits who will help you process and validate what you at first intuit. Yes, your spiritual hunches, if acted upon, will lead you to ever-higher spiritual understandings. As an ascending creature, you need to be nudged toward your still remote and mysterious destination.”