Oregon, US of A
Saturday, June 2, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “I am your ‘Thought Adjuster’ and, in some way, I too undergo an evolutionary process, based on how you let me work in you and with you.  How so?

“As you well know, when I come to indwell you upon your first moral decision, I closely monitor your thinking—getting to know the lay of your mental land.  My divine mandate is to scout for openings in your young mind so that I can—you willing—finetune it.  This does take time, as it requires that your mind has opportunities to grow through the educational process you receive in your native environment. 

“It is a wonderful event for Me when I am able to jump into loving action in your mind in order to help you interpret the holographic dimension of your human experience.  As you grow with Spirit and in spirit, then comes the day when you fully entrust your thinking to My loving and wise over care.  By so doing, you give me full powers to interject in your mental process as I deem fit for your highest good.  This may involve My taking advantage of situations that may initially traumatize you.

“Personal emergency situations provide the Divine with golden opportunities to step in, as those fighting for survival, after exhausting all other avenues, turn to the Divine for relief as they would check themselves in the Emergency Room to get crucial assistance.  Your end goal is to function from a state of peace—the peace that passes all understanding, a peace that is immune to chaos and that resides in the Eye of the Storm. 

“Whenever you encounter a crisis situation, it feels like the deck of cards that define your life’s circumstances is being reshuffled and that you are being dealt a tough hand.  How do you beat the odds?  First of all, you are never alone in this process, as I am here to help you devise winning strategies.  By whispering to your mind, I also influence your emotional process, as they are tightly intertwined.  It is hard for emotional beings to think rationally whenever they undergo traumatizing events.  If you turn to Me in such moments of emotional upheaval, I will help you reset your emotional thermostat so that your thinking can be cleared—no longer subjected to such fear-inducing and debilitating emotional pressure.

“Dear ones, many rays of hope shine in and through crisis situations.  You have to believe this, as the Father is never leading you to a dead end, but is always guiding you toward a brighter eternal destiny.”