Tuesday, March 28, 2017



Thought Adjuster: “The Father is eternal, universal, and infinite.  This implies that everything in His ever-ongoing creative process is sustainable—endowed with infinite and everlasting potentiality.  As human creatures, you are meant for Godlikeness!  At this moment of your human experience, you may feel like tiny and rather insignificant ants, diligently working to provide for their livelihood.  Yet, there is latent greatness within you—greatness that your small human ego cannot express due to its current material limitations.

“You have the saying that you can accomplish whatever you set out to do.  Your heart is the key.  What are you passionate about?  Our God is a passionate God and this is the very reason why His entire creation—from the mesmerizing snowflakes to the majestic mountains—reflects the passionate creative drive of His Heart. 

“The Father ALWAYS follows His Heart.  You can rest assured that He is passionate about each one of you.  Are you passionate about Him?  Do you give Him the time of day?  This is the least you could do for the One Who gives you the world—and so much more.

“Your life is bound to undergo a tremendous metamorphosis once you decide to no longer consider yourself as a lowly earthbound creature but to start acting as the butterfly for which your carnal envelope is only the temporary cocoon. 

“Dear ones, live with awareness!  Do not squander your precious time!  Ask to be guided to the hiding places of your God-given attributes!  You are so much more than what meets the human eye.  The Father has placed so much trust in you that He gifted you with free-will and a unique personality.  Why would He go through so much trouble?  Because He too takes His own leap of faith, trusting that His creatures will someday manifest the fullness of His loving promises.  This will not take Him by surprise, but it will for sure surprise you, as your life’s potentialities stretch way beyond the scope of your very shortsighted human imagination and outlook.”